• Volume: 500 mL
  • Alcohol: 43%
  • Price: €42,50

Description: The whisky is an unfiltered single malt whisky from the Green Heart region in the Netherlands. It is made from malted barley, it is double distilled and has aged on French and Hungarian oak casks for a minimum of 5 years.

Colour: This single malt whisky is matured on cask, during which it develops a beautiful golden, caramel-like colour.

Smell: The basis of the aroma lies within a well-balanced selection of Dutch malted barley. On top of that, sweet aromas of caramel, honey, vanilla and orange, as well as more pronounced flavours such as chocolate and nuts can be distinguished.

Taste: The flavour is well balanced and accessible, and it is characterised by aromas of vanilla, honey and nuts. Hints of oak balance out the sweetness beautifully and create a lasting tasting experience.

Aftertaste: The aftertaste is particularly smooth. Well balanced flavours of oak remain on your palette for quite some time and make for a subtle, pleasant and lasting aftertaste.

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