Grain distillate

It starts with malt

Malted grains originating from Holland are the basis of our grain distillate. Water is added to the malt and the mixture is then heated up. This process is called mashing and forms the first step in making Whisky and Barley Wine.

Malt is germinated grain and is processed malt houses. The Netherlands have a long history in the use of malted grains for the production of beer and gin, and here in the Green Heart region we gladly continue that tradition. The malt is first milled ground into rough flour and mixed with water. This mixture is then heated up stepwise in order to activate enzymes that convert starch into fermentable sugars. This process is called mashing. After a filtration step we obtain a sugar-rich liquid, called wort. The wort is then cooled and prepared for fermentation.


Through the addition of yeast to the wort sugar is converted into alcohol. This process is called fermentation. A successful fermentation is essential to making a distillate, which is why we use a carefully selected type of yeast.

Fermentation takes place in closed barrels in a climate controlled room. It is important to us to obtain an efficient conversion of sugar into alcohol, as well as to conserve the flavour of the grain. When the fermentation is finished the yeast sinks to the bottom and is separated from the fermented wort. The result is a malt wine with a relatively low alcohol concentration ready for distillation.


With our specially designed still we distil our malt wine. All our grain distillate is distilled twice, creating a balance between purity and preservation of flavour.

The first distillation results in an alcohol percentage of approximately 30%. This distillate is then matured during which it develops a smooth taste and flavour. Then, it is distilled again after which an increased alcohol percentage of approximately 60% is obtained. After the second distillation the distillate has a more pure taste. We can now call it Barley Wine.


For the production of Whisky we mature Barley Wine on oak cask. During maturation a beautiful golden colour and great flavour are formed.

All our barrels are made from Hungarian oak and are specially imported for the distillery. Our whisky is matured for at least three years. The result is a young whisky with a unique character.

Final preparation

During the final preparation the alcohol concentration of the grain distillate is adjusted.

For whisky the alcohol concentration is reduced to 43% using pure mineral water. For Barley Wine this will be slightly less, namely 38% alcohol. Both distillates are single malts with a distinct aroma of malted grains.