Distiller John Keuris

Distillery Keuris is built upon many years of experience with beer brewing and distillation. The resulting variety of high-quality distillates that make up our assortment ultimately bears testament to this long experience as well as a drive to never stop learning.

John Keuris obtained his hospitality and catering diploma in 1980 with a passion for beer. By 1988 he started his own home brewery and soon after started competing in national brewing competitions. In 1995 John joined beer society ‘t Wort Wat, and by 2001 he changed roles from competitor to a permanent member of the jury in national brewing competitions. In 2006 John first started experimenting with distillation. It soon turned out to be a new passion and by 2010 it was acknowledged with yet another permanent jury for membership. This time it was for national liqueur competitions organised by the Federation for Amateur Winemakers and Brewers Guild. And most recently in 2020 and 2021, a SDEN level 3 wine certificate and a SDEN level 3 beer certificate was added to what has become quite the list of titles and diplomas.