Barley Wine

Barley Wine

  • Volume: 500 mL
  • Alcohol: 38%
  • Price: €23,50

Description: The Barley Wine is made from barley, which originates from Dutch malt houses. The main component is pilsner malt, supplemented with a smaller amount of crystal malt. We only use malted barley to make this wine, which results in a very rich and malty flavour. Barley Wine is unfiltered and has a very pure taste. In Holland there are only very few Barley Wines available made from 100% malted barley, which makes this product all the more unique.

Colour: The Barley Wine is bright, clear and colourless.

Smell: This wine owes its smell to a well-balanced selection of Dutch malted barley. The main smell of barley can be easily recognized, but more subtle hints of caramel and vanilla are also present.

Taste: Because we exclusively use malted barley, this wine has a particularly rich and malty flavour, which may not suit everyone’s palette.

Aftertaste: Compared to when tasting this Barley Wine, the aftertaste is relatively smooth and subtle.

All our products are sold on regional markets, or can be bought directly at the distillery. For more information on sales dates, please have a look at our schedule (in Dutch only).

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