Beetroot liqueur

  • Volume: 200 or 500 mL
  • Alcohol: 27%
  • Price:
    • €13,50 small
    • €20,50 large

Description: Our beetroot liqueur is so unique it’s most probably equal to none. Made with fresh and sweet beetroots grown in the North Holland province and distilled using expert knowledge and utmost care, this liqueur truly is one of a kind. The beetroot liqueur has a distinctive, deep red colour with a subtle aroma of beetroot, and a hint of cinnamon.

Colour: This beetroot liqueur has a deep red colour originating from our self-made beetroot extract.

Smell: A smooth aroma of beetroot in which sweet, forest-like and earthy tones can be distinguished, which are so characteristic for this versatile vegetable.

Taste: The sweet and earthy aromas of beetroot are subtle and not overpowering. The addition of cinnamon and fine sugar balances out this unique flavour.

Aftertaste: A warm and sweet aftertaste that befits this liqueur.

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