Our story

Keuris Distillery is a family owned company that uses local produce to craft authentic and traditional alcoholic beverages. We are based at a typical Dutch farm at the heart of the Green Heart region in the Netherlands, close to the city of Woerden. With passion for our work and expertise in the fields of fermentation, distillation and aging of spirits we craft a unique set of high quality distillates made from fruit and grain.

After years of preparation Keuris Distillery was founded officially in Woerden in 2011. Within the same year we introduced our first products, which are Apple Eau de Vie and Walvados, a Calvados from Woerden. The following years we have steadily expanded our product assortment with a variety of fruit distillates, as well as Apple Cider and non-alcoholic Apple Vinegar. More information about our products can be found on our website or in our digital brochure (in Dutch). After several years of product development we bottled our very first whisky in 2015. More recently, much of our attention has been dedicated to traditional Dutch grain distillates and as a result we have also added Barley wine and Apple Gin to our products. All of our distillates have been distilled at twice or more and we guarantee the highest degree of quality for all our products.

Social Entrepreneurship

During the development of our product much knowledge and experience have been shared. For example, for the selection of fruit we work closely with local apple farmers, and for the design of the distilling equipment we are in contact with experienced distillers from all over the country. Moreover, for the selection of oak cask for the maturation of spirits we have been touring extensively in Hungary, a country with a rich tradition in wine and fruit liqueur.

Keuris Distillery is a social business which is characterized by the following collaborations.

  • For obtaining the fruit to produce high quality biological products we cooperate with and buy from local farmers.
  • For the processing of fruit we cooperate with the municipality of Woerden to provide employment for people with learning disabilities.
  • For the sale of our products we cooperate with the Slow Food organization and we contribute to local markets in the Green Heart region in the Netherlands.

Get to know Keuris

Keuris Distillery can offer an authentic tasting experience of traditional fruit and grain distillates. We invite you to view and buy our products at the following places:

  • Drinkerij ‘t Bierhuys, Van Oudheusdenstraat 3-A, 3441 AM Woerden
  • Bierhuys-shop, Meulmansweg 6, 3441 AT Woerden
  • Variety of local markets