Woerden’s Herbal Liqueur

Woerden's Herbal Liqueur

  • Volume: 500 mL
  • Alcohol: 30%
  • Price: €23,50

Description: Woerden’s Herbal Liqueur is based on a unique and empirically determined recipe which includes 10 different herbs and spices. The herbs are picked when there are fresh and are individually put on alcohol to create a variety of herbal essences. The essence can then be carefully mixed to create a sophisticated and high grade liqueur. This herb al liqueur is truly one of a kind and is relatively smooth and accessible in taste.

Colour: The liqueur has a warm and light brown colour.

Smell: Woerden’s Herbal Liqueur has a beautiful and complex smell that is characterized by a variety of aromas. Of all 10 herbs and spices, cinnamon and anise can be well recognized.

Taste: The taste has a freshness about it which is the result of carefully selected and freshly picked herbs that are used for making this liqueur. The variety of aromas is well balanced and creates a nice and round flavour.

Aftertaste: A pleasant bitter sweet aftertaste completes the experience of drinking Woerden’s Herbal Liqueur.

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